Initial consultation and recommendations

Treatment stays include a consultation with a doctor, who will assess your health, inform you of your options and risks, and elaborate some points of the programme you have chosen. During treatment stays, a client will undergo an initial examination, a basic biochemical examination, an ECG, and then the doctor will propose a treatment programme. The client has a check-up with a doctor every week.


Consultation with a specialist

During stays specialising in the musculoskeletal system, you will be examined by a specialist with many years of experience. He will carry out a set of examinations that will help him assess the condition of your musculoskeletal system, localise afflicted areas, and propose targeted procedures of rehabilitation, corresponding to your chosen stay programme.


Weight reduction examination

A comprehensive laboratory examination, basic internal examination, calculation of BMI (Body Mass Index), an analysis of body fat, muscle mass and water (BODYSTAT), and an ECG will help the doctor assess your health and possibly modify your weight reduction programme. You will be able to consult with a doctor regarding your therapy during your stay.


ECG examination

The electrocardiograph is a device that records the electrical activity of the cardiac (heart) muscle. It is utilised to assess whether cardiac activity is normal or if there is a disorder. It reveals acute or chronic damage to the cardiac muscle, especially myocardial infarction.


Peat procedures and wraps

Natural peat compress (sheath)

Peat sheaths are of the same natural material as wraps with the difference being that they are made from a layer of peat placed between 2 membranes. The membrane that comes in contact with the skin is permeable and allows the natural substances to act on the surface of the body. A heating element is placed on the non-permeable membrane that heats and stimulates blood perfusion of the selected area. A peat compress has an anti-inflammatory effect, boosts regeneration, increases blood circulation in tissues, alleviates pain and cramps, and has a cosmetic effect.


Paraffin hand wrap

This is the application of paraffin onto the skin of the hand and wrist. It has beneficial effects on the small joints in the hand, the skin and the nail beds. The hands are immersed into paraffin several times in order to form a warm film of paraffin on the skin. The hands are then wrapped in a cloth and left in the wrap. The application of paraffin wraps softens hard skin over the knuckles, improves mobility and alleviates pain in the small joints of the hand, and it boosts blood perfusion and nutrition of the nail beds, thus improving the trophic condition of the nail.


Dry carbonic bath

This is a full-body gas bath in which the client is encased up to the chest or neck in a special plastic bag filled with medicinal carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide, which is absorbed through the capillaries in the skin, dilates blood vessels throughout the body. This improves the blood perfusion of the brain, heart and parenchymatous organs, lowers blood pressure, and reduces swelling. Because it greatly improves blood perfusion of the skin, it reduces cellulite and improves the appearance of scars in the skin. The bath has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, diabetes, and osteoporosis. It alleviates migraines and insomnia, and positively affects sexual activity.


Baths and massages

Regenerative additive bath

This is a bath with added active agents that are easily absorbed by the body owing to the ideal blood perfusion of the skin and hypodermis in a bath warmed to 37°C. The additives are herbal substances that do not foam, improve blood circulation, relieve stress and fatigue, and relax and invigorate the body. The application of a warm bath also relaxes muscles, increases joint flexibility, and the heating and blood perfusion of muscles and joints improves the amount of nutrition they receive. The additive bath is followed by relaxation in a dry wrap, which prolongs the warming effect on the body.


Carbonic bath from our own mineral spring well

This is a highly effective procedure that utilises carbon dioxide dissolved in water. As you bathe the CO2 bubbles envelop your body in tiny pearls of gas. Although initially cool, this sheath of pearls evokes a pleasant warm feeling caused by the dilation of capillaries in the skin. The carbon dioxide is absorbed through the skin and has a beneficial effect on individual organs. It improves the performance of the heart, lowers blood pressure, improves blood perfusion in the blood vessels in the extremities, and improves tissue nutrition. Carbon dioxide greatly improves blood perfusion of the skin and hypodermis, thus improving their nutrition, elasticity and hydration. That is why these baths are used to prevent and treat cellulite.


Hydro massage baths

These are baths in a special bath equipped with an Air Jet system, which emits jets of air at high pressure to massage the entire body. We use several massage modes during a hydro massage bath in order to relax and loosen up muscular and mental tension. These baths have a beneficial effect on muscle fatigue, neck and back pain, chronic post-accident pain, and muscle stiffness caused by bad movement habits. Some baths are also equipped with a colour therapy system, which utilises multicoloured lights to act on centres in the brain and optimise bodily functions, moods, and emotions.


Whirlpool baths

These are baths in special bathtubs in which the effects of heat and the mechanical effects of streams of water are utilised to warm and boost blood perfusion in the most strained parts of the lower extremities.


Pearl bath

During the procedure a patient is immersed into drinking water warmed to body temperature in a bath in the bottom of which are a series of small openings, into which compressed air is pumped in order to create a large amount of small bubbles. The rising bubbles gently stimulate tactile receptors on the skin that is submerged. The procedure has a significant mental, autonomic and physically calming effect and is utilised primarily in conditions associated with autonomic imbalance; during convalescence after serious illness, injuries and operations; and psychogenically or stress induced increased muscle tension.


Classic massage - relaxation

This massage comprises a system of massage techniques and movements aimed at inducing a feeling of overall relaxation. The massage boosts circulation in surface blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, improves tissue nutrition, and relieves pain. It relaxes the muscles being massaged, stimulates blood circulation, and it can also relieve headaches and reduce swelling. The massage induces an overall feeling of relaxation and well-being. The classic massage can be partial or full-body.


Connective tissue reflexology massage performed by a specialist

This is a massage that can be given only after undergoing a medical examination. This massage, reflexively and via a change in blood perfusion, acts on distant organs, which can be stimulated or inhibited. The massage has overall effects on the body that can be generally soothing or stimulating. The body's response lasts up to 48 hours, and if the massage is performed expertly, then it can have long-term effects.


Underwater full-body massage

This massage is performed using a stream of water in a warm bath. A specialist massages selected areas using a stream of water pressurised at 1 – 2 kPa. The underwater massage is a combination of heat therapy and mechanical therapy. The massage relaxes spasms and alleviates back pain and muscular fatigue. An underwater massage can improve the appearance of scars and cellulite.



This is an ancient Chinese technique, in which a special flask (cup) is placed on the surface of the body and it creates suction. After the application of the flask, the skin and surface layer of the muscles are sucked inside the flask, which is the principle of this massage. Cupping is unique in that it results in the intensive blood perfusion of the massaged tissue. Just one procedure can bring unexpected relief.


Aroma massage

This is a classic massage using essential oils and plant oils. This is the marriage of the effects of a massage and the unique effects of various essences and oils. This massage brings the body and mind into harmony. It alleviates stress and tension, and boosts immunity. During the massage, oil is deeply absorbed, relieving pain and positively affecting the functioning of individual organs and the mind. After the massage it is good to relax in a quiet room and thus enable the blissful effects of the massage to fade away.


Reflexology massage - sole of the foot

A reflexology massage of the sole of the foot is a Chinese massage method. The sole of the foot contains over 7,200 nerve endings that correspond to all the organs and represent a map of the organs of our body. The massage is performed on the sole and instep of both feet. The massage commences by warming up the entire foot by rubbing and stroking it. The actual massage technique involves applying pressure to points and areas on the sole, toes and instep. This has beneficial effects on blood circulation, healing and regeneration. It has anti-inflammatory effects, speeds up detoxification, and boosts immunity. It promotes mental and physical relaxation, and reduces the impacts of stress. It alleviates pain in muscles, joints and the spine, and relieves headaches and digestion and excretion disorders. It alleviates allergies and insomnia.


Scen Tao

This is the treatment of the body and face with a massage using hot stones. We use smooth lava stones heated to 55°C. These stones accumulate heat very well and the energy they emit works deep into the muscle tissue and affects blood circulation and the metabolism. This massage has a beneficial effect on muscle tension and blocked points. It tones the autonomic nervous system and therefore significantly improves sleep disorders, harmonises the body after long periods of stress at work, and because it speeds up the metabolism, it supports obesity therapy.


Machine lymphatic drainage

This is a painless and pleasant procedure used in the treatment of swelling (oedemas) of the lower extremities, cellulite, and the feeling of "heavy feet". The machine works with an advancing pressure wave (individual chambers of a special sleeve are subsequently filled) that effectively replaces the dysfunctional muscle pump. It helps accelerate the flow of lymph and stimulates the removal of toxic and waste substances from the body.

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