Spa & Kur Hotel Harvey offers comprehensive facilities for therapeutic stays and also for relaxation and wellness stays. Professional medical care is available and all procedures and services can be found under one roof.

Regeneration of strength is an ongoing process that is inherent in every organism and is a natural and continuous part of life. Each time one becomes fatigued, a certain amount of time and certain methods are required for recovery. Our hotel offers services that endeavour to shorten and speed up this time.

The word spa is associated with water treatment and the importance of bathing. The spa industry focuses on the treatment and the renewal of people's physical and mental strength by utilising therapeutic natural resources such as water, peloids, gases and climatic conditions. The effects are closely linked to a change in surroundings and location.

  • modern, air-conditioned, fully equipped balneological facilities
  • medical stays with treatments
  • relaxation stays with professional care
  • wellness and relaxation stays
  • professional medical supervision
  • all services under one roof
  • classical, reflexology and underwater massages
  • carbon dioxide, whirlpool and additive baths
  • peat, fango and paraffin wraps
  • magnet therapy, electro therapy, physiotherapy
  • manual and instrumental lymphatic drainage
  • hot stones massage
  • reflexology foot massage
  • oxygen therapy, carbon wraps
  • aroma massages
  • honey and chocolate massages
  • gas and vitamin injections, inhalations

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